5 Days Left of Work BaristaFIRE Log 4 (6/12/19)

BaristaFIRE Log

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a little “snap” moment, and I quit my work last week.

As readers of my blog would know, my initial plan was to stay at this job until End of Year to get my 401k match and to finish off 2019 with a set of financial goals.

Then, I would move on to my next phase in life, which is to bask in my passive income (estimated to be around $2,000~3,500/mo) and start my process of finding something I really wanted to do with my life.

With some bad hot takes by my manager, that plan was busted, and I decided that I don’t have to take this crap anymore if I didn’t want to. So I marched into the office and put my notice in.

And. I feel. Abso-fuckingly-fabulous.

Like the time I finally broke up with a toxic ex-boyfriend 3 years ago (after he cheated on me with my roommate, but that was just the icing on the cake), I felt the freest I’d ever felt. Like huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The sun was brighter. My steps were light. I was smiling all the time. I had NO idea how much my situation was weighing me down without me knowing.

After I put my notice in, I can’t stop smiling.

Every morning, I have a moment where I don’t remember anything. And then it hits me. “I quit my job!” And I blink a few times, and smile.

I sit up, rub my eyes, and reach over to my bedside table, and find a small tin pill-box. I open it. And I smile again.

I pull on my engagement ring and wedding band that I love. I LOVE. And I remember – Oh. In 2 weeks, I’ll be MARRIED.

Throughout the day, I’m on cloud nine. I have amazing conversations with coworkers. I make connections with coworkers about their own side hustles and companies they run on the side. Someone even runs a freaking production studio on the side with his friends, and tells me to they’re always available to help me create videos! YES! I can create my own video courses or multi-media materials now! Amazing!

I find another coworker has just quit, and he also has no job lined up. He’s gonna go travel around Europe for a while. And apparently he has a SUIT BUSINESS he started on the side! WOW!

My future, with all its uncertainties, is as stable as I could possibly get it without finding myself another full-time job.

I’ve been booked to be in a panel at a tech conference in a few months, a week’s worth of hotels and flights paid for. I’ve been invited to industry expert companies and been told by their team that they love my work, and would love to collaborate with me. I have my next few months’ worth of work carved out so I can start earning more passive income in the coming months.

My second video course is releasing in a few days, and that will give me another $1,000 to add to my side hustle income.

My first video course will begin paying out its first passive income paychecks this month! (I’ve finally “paid off” the royalty advance.)

I have a little over a paycheck left to receive from this current company, which will probably mean just a little over $2,000. While it’s very scary to stop having these bi-monthly paychecks automatically cashing into my account, I’m 100 times more excited for the limitless potentials that working for myself has.

And honestly, just the emotional release I’ve been experiencing for the past week might be worth all of it.

And I can’t wait for July to begin!


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