Almost There! BaristaFIRE Log 5 (6/14/19)

BaristaFIRE Log

So. That was it! My last full week of full-time work!

Now I have Monday, Tuesday, and probably half-day on Wednesday before my access gets cut off and I get ushered out of the office without fanfare.

It seems like when the ball starts rolling… It ROLLS. So a lot of things have been happening in the background the past week.

  • I’m getting married in 2 weeks (was gonna be in July but now it’ll be end of June).
  • Timeline for my contract work with my video courses got way sped up, so I’m now slated to finish and go film the first week of August instead of October (whelp….).
  • With potentially another course to be commissioned to me afterwards to be filmed in the winter (more money?).
  • Few offers from founders of small companies asking me to do contract work for them when I have time (people are so awesome!!).
  • I’m invited to be on a panel for a tech conference in Atlanta beginning of 2020, with a week of hotels and flights paid for. What!
  • Ex-Coworker let me know his production studio is always available to me if I need stuff done.
  • People have just been SO freaking supportive of my decisions and I’m just floored by the support and enthusiasm!!
  • I got my first Passive Income check from my video course! (I have to “pay back” $2,000 in royalty advance before I get monthly paychecks. So it took 2.5 months for my course to earn $2,000 for me, and $20,000 for the company… LOL.)
  • My second video course will be released in a few days! (So in 2.5 months, this one will start giving me passive income paychecks too!)
  • Course 3 and 4 will probably release in September.

Anyways. Super quick update, but I know some people are looking at this blog to see what kinds of things go through my mind or happen during transition, so thought I’d blog when I felt an inspiration!

My previous entry was mostly about my emotions. This one’s the more technical stuff that’s been going on! 🙂


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