Monthly Update: February 2019

Savings and Net Worth Feb 2019

Time for Zero’s monthly Net Worth and Savings update for February 2019! I’ve hit a few milestones this month. Interested in everything I spent money on in February? Go check out my February Spending post!

Net Worth: $120,525.07

As mentioned in 2018 Recap post, I do my Net Worth calculations on the 20th of every month. This is so that all of my automatic transfers have cleared for the paychecks coming in on the 15th of every month.

February’s Net Worth was $120,525.07, which is +$13,016.13. I think this is combination of market bouncing back from last year’s drop and the $4,000 royalty advance from a contract I signed with one of my clients.

February Net Worth
Net Worth Change June 2017 ~ February 2019

$100,000 in Investments

They say things speed up after the first $100,000, so I’m hoping that’s true! If the past month is of any indication, I have good feelings.

I hit the milestone of $100,000 in investments on the 25th! I’ve been focusing on hoarding cash the since last November, after experiencing my first “drop” season in the stock market, and realizing almost 90% of my net worth was tied up with the stocks.

In the end, cash is king, and I want to make sure there’s enough cash to go around for when an opportunity hits of some kind without having to sell at a loss. Don’t know what it is yet… Maybe I need a car or have an opportunity to buy a dream home, vacation of a lifetime, or decide to take a year off working… Who knows! But I want to be prepared!

Once I have about $25,000 in my main savings account, I think I’ll go back to putting money into my investment portfolio again.

$25,000 in 401k

It was a loose goal I had that I wasn’t taking too seriously (since I max out my 401k this year, so it’s going to happen at some point), but I noticed that I passed the $25,000 mark in my 401k investments! Woo hoo!

Savings: $7,660.91

In January, I saved $7,660.91. And I made $4,585.91 in Side Hustle and Passive Income.

This brings my YTD Savings to $11,133.17.

Side Hustle$4,557.47
Total Saved$7,660.91

Side Hustle Income: $4,585.91

This month was a good one for my Side Hustles, because I signed 3 more contracts with a client which gave me $1,000 each in 50% royalty advance, and I had the second half of my first contract’s royalty advance pay out for total of $4,000. This helped me shoot up my overall savings to over $10,000 in the first 2 months of the year!

I also hustled quite a bit with babysitting and dog sitting, and am glad that my 3 week long babysitting gig is over! Having to get up between 4:30am and 6:00am to babysit before going to work was quite a doozy!

Here’s a breakdown of my Passive and Active Income from Side Hustles. The Interest was already counted in the savings above, but it’s also included here because it’s part of my passive income.

My YTD income from Side Hustles is $4,983.17.

Passive Income


Active Income

Sitting (Baby/Dog)$335.00
User Research$0.00

My eBook sales is at $247 for 2019, which is great, because that’s complete passive income. If I can even count of $100 a month for that, that’ll be amazing. Hopefully, as time passes, I can add to this kind of passive income.

My first video course went live few days ago, which means I’ll start earning passive income from that once I “pay off” the royalty advance. I have no idea yet how quickly this will happen, so I’m eager to see how that pans out! I have 3 more to make in the next few months, so at that point, the passive income from that will quadruple!

I created a few extra savings account, and put 30% into Taxes, 20% into i401k (that I haven’t opened yet), and 50% into Freelance Income accounts, as I discussed in an entry about beginning my Freelance Journey.

YTD 2019

Savings Goal: $45,000

My 2019 Savings Goal was $40,000. Having reached over $11,000 in the first 2 months, and realizing that if I didn’t earn a single extra dollar from side hustles this year, I’d reach $40,000, I decided to up it to $45,000.

With February’s savings, I am 24.7% of the way there!

Net Worth Goal: $150,000

My 2019 Net Worth Goal is $150,000. With February’s Net Worth, I am 80.4% there!


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