Freedom! BaristaFIRE Log 6 (6/21/19)

BaristaFIRE Log

I’ve been super busy the past few days, enjoying my FUNEMPLOYMENT with my friend, who’s been visiting for a week. We’ve been going out on mini-adventures for the past few days since I quit my job, and it’s been GREAT!

I’ve begun a “FUNEMPLOYMENT LOG” on Twitter like @The76KProject has been doing for the past few months, and we’ll see how long it lasts!

My last day of work was Wednesday, and I have been ecstatic.

Some things that have happened since I officially left my job:

  • I visited my old work, and they told me to get started with getting an LLC ASAP so they can start throwing contract work my way.
  • Got few contract offers from start up founders.
  • Got e-mail from Amazon asking for my resume.
  • Had a hedge fund reach out asking about technical writing contract job (not sure about this tho…).
  • Got my $1,000 royalty advance from my 2nd course going online.
  • Beginning the process of consolidating assets with my fiance.
  • I’m getting married next week.

Anyways, another short update, but just wanted to note that I’ve finally left my job, and am FREE!

I can’t excited to see what’s coming next!


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