Save Money On Your Shopping Spree!

While I try to keep my shopping and spending down to a minimum, there are times where I just need to spend money and buy things. And sometimes, A LOT of money. One such instance was when I finally decided to buy furniture for my apartment after three years of living in the said apartment.

I figured it’s about time I got myself a standing desk, given I work from home most of the week, and also to get myself a dresser… Because… Dressers. (Yes, I lived for three years without a dresser. It was a mess. Don’t ask.) I also bought a bookshelf for all my miscellaneous nick-nacks (and some books) for my living room.

Poking Through IKEA

I considered a few different furniture stores, but decided to go with IKEA because there’s one in Brooklyn. After going through their website, I found the total of my purchase to come out to $482.99. Oof. But wait. There’s the delivery fee of $139.00! And wait! There’s also taxes of $55.20! For a grand total of $677.19. Ouch!

There were unfortunately no discounts or sales going on, but I didn’t feel comfortable with paying the full value. I mean, $677 is a lot of money! So I started sniffing around. That’s where I came across Gift Card Reselling Site, Raise.

(Full disclosure: Links to Raise in this post are invitation links where you get $5 and I get $5 if you make a purchase within 30 days of signing up when you use it! So even more savings!!)

Raise: Buy/Sell Gift Cards

So the way Raise works is that they take a commission fee for every Gift Card someone wants to resell. Say you got some Gift Cards to a Steak House for Christmas, but you’re vegetarian, so you don’t want it. You can resell the gift cards through Raise, sell it for less than the actual worth, but get cash out of it instead of wondering what to do with it.

As a buyer, you can get discounted gift cards to apply to your purchases! And there are A LOT of gift cards with varying amount of discounts.

So I got onto Raise, and searched for IKEA gift cards. Lo’and behold, there were a lot! The bigger the gift card amount, the more the savings, generally.

So I bought 3 gift cards: a $500 gift card for $427.10, a $150 gift card for $138.81, and $20 gift card for $17.88.

The total value of the gift cards came out to be $670, which was just a few dollars shy of my $677.19 bill. Perfect!

In the process, I paid $583.79 for the $670 worth of gift cards, which is a savings of $86.21. This was a savings of almost 13%!

On top of the $583.79 I paid for the gift cards, I paid for the difference between the bill and the gift card values, which came out to be $7.19.

In total, I paid $590.98 for a $677.19 purchase, which is again, around 13% savings. In grand scheme of things, $86 isn’t an amount to sniff at. It could be a whole week’s worth of food expenses!

Use Raise!

There are a few gift card reselling websites out there, I believe, and I just happened to choose Raise because I’d been told it’s reputable. And I’ve made a few purchases of gift cards through them (I make sure to check through their portal before making big purchases), and I haven’t had any issues.

Get $5 credit for your first purchase!

Few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s not instantaneous. There are 2 ways to get the gift cards: via mail or via email (it fully depends on the seller, I think). Via email is obviously faster, but that also doesn’t mean it’s instantaneous. So if you are on a time crunch, I recommend you buy the gift cards ahead of time (like a day or two).
  • Sometimes you have to validate your purchase. Sometimes, calling their support is required to validate your purchase so they release the gift cards to you. I think this is for protection of large value cards (I’ve bought a few $300~500 worth of gift cards from there).
  • They have 1 year money back guarantee. If you notice an error or a scam, you can contact their customer service to get a full refund.

What do you think?

Do you think you’ll ever use a service like this? Did you know it existed? I think for smaller purchases, it’s not worth it (the difference is too small), but for larger purchases, it’s more than worth the few extra minutes it takes for me to check prices and get those sweet discounts!

Even better would be if the site already has a sale going on…


  1. Abigail

    Make sure you’re going through Mr. Rebates. Depending on the promotions at the time, you can get anywhere from 1% to 8% cash back on your Raise orders, which is a nice additional boost to your savings!

    1. Post
  2. UK Girl on FIRE

    This is such a useful post – I hadn’t heard about Raise before, but I will definitely check it out! Hopefully it works over here in the UK too.

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