Monthly Update: July 2019

July Income 2019

Time for Zero’s monthly Net Worth and Freelance Income update for July 2019!

As many of you know, I got married last month. And we decided to put our assets together, as I also quit my full-time job at the same time. Having worked as an engineer his whole career, right out of college, my husband has a few years on me, work wise. So the Net Worth jump is pretty substantial this month.

After this initial shock, the net worth will stabilize. Though at this point, I don’t know if it’s even worth reporting every month unless it’s a monumental moment, like $750,000 or $1 million. But for now, I’ll keep on going.

We are still nailing out what our budget (or anti-budget) will be, and how we are going to manage our finances once we finally move in together in September, and get a new apartment. I’m leaving NYC mid next month, and so we will go from 2 apartments and 2 separate lives to 1 dwelling and 1 life. And living and saving on 1 full-time income.

Because I am now a full-time self-employed person, my income is REALLY erratic. It’s one of those things where if I stayed single, I could live off it (living very minimally), but as a married couple, we don’t believe it’s to our benefit to incorporate it into our budget.

I’ve always firmly believed that when living together, we should be living on one of our income, so that we can lose a whole income and still be ok. So our budgeting is going to be done based on his income alone.

So we won’t be able to save as much (obviously) as if I were working full-time AND side hustling (I was slated for my first $100,000 in income this year), but so far, I am LOVING my new life, and looking forward to growing my business in the coming years.

Also, as a couple, we really want to focus on quality of life. Especially given my medical conditions, and how we believe that money should be serving us, not the other way around, we want to make the “best bang for buck” compromises and choices so that we can live the best quality of life while still saving/investing responsibly.

So while I focused my past 5 years on high savings rate and saving as much as possible, we are going to be shifting focus on how to live our best lives without sacrificing our financial security. All this is to say, our savings rate isn’t going to be as phenomenally high as it could possibly be. And we are ok with that!

This mentality is one of the reasons why I was able to quit my full-time job that could add $80,000 to our income every year, if not more (as I’ve been doubling and tripling my salary every few years). We want to enjoy the “now” and the time we have together as a new family, so we are prioritizing my health and our contentment over the potential 50%+ savings rate.

New Direction

For the monthly updates, I am going to continue with the Net Worth (for now), and instead of doing the monthly “Savings,” I’m switching over to how much I made in my side-hustles-turned-main-hustles. I think that’s much more interesting than “Oh ok so we saved $1,000 this month…” as many of my readers are looking to start or grow their side hustles, or maybe even quit as I have.

Anyways, enough prelude… Let’s get to the numbers!

Net Worth: $527,202.69

I’ve always been doing my Net Worth calculation on the 20th of the month, because I got paid 15th and last day of the month. But my husband gets paid every 2 weeks, so we’re probably going to have to find a better day to do our Net Worth calculation. For July, I kept the same date, just for consistency.

Last month, I left off with this:

July 2019 Net Worth
Net Worth Change 7/2017 ~ 6/2019

Then, I got married. My Google Sheets says it’s + $385,305.91. I came into this marriage with $143,327.37 (which is +$1,430.59 since June, despite quitting my job), and he came in with $383,875.32.

Net Worth for July 2019: $627,202.69

While our combined income may go down substantially until I get my balance, I’m hoping that with us living together, our living expenses will actually go down (ie: food, rent, etc.), and we can start building our net worth anyways.

Freelance Income: $1,205.79

I have few sources of passive income as well as active income. This month, all my income is from passive income as opposed to active income. I’m going to be figuring out what ways I’m willing to work for active income in the upcoming few months as I get my bearing and start assessing which contract/consulting gigs to accept!

Video Courses$781.99
Amazon Affiliates$140.26
Baby/Dog Sitting$0.00
YTD Total$9,561.04


My major source of income is the Video Courses that I have. I have 2 up now (the 2nd one went online end of June), and I am going to LA next week to film the last 2. I may or may not get another contract for a 5th course.

These are the bread-and-butter of my passive income, which I hope will grow as the whole series is completed. If nothing else, I am very excited at the prospect of having $2,000~3,000 in passive income every month for a year or two once all 4 are providing passive income.

My eBook sales have gone past $200 for the first time since April, which I’m very happy about. I’m considering writing another one, which would add to it, but also will give me opportunity to start selling “bundles.”

2019 Freelance Income

So above is a table of my freelance income for 2019, and kind of the progression over the past half year. One aspect that you can see growing consistently is my Amazon Affiliates income.

This is really making me motivated to find other ways to increase my Amazon Affiliate income, or to find other affiliate programs that might work even better for me. This recurring monthly income is from ONE LINK on ONE PAGE of a blog. It’s pretty wild to me!

MonthAmazon Affiliate
YTD Total$729.81

YTD Total: $9,561.04

July brings my Year-To-Date freelance income to $9,561.04. This is pretty exciting because it means that in August, I will hit my $10,000 income mark for 2019 through freelancing.

This is something I had no idea could even happen a year ago, so I’m very excited. Obviously, as I was doing this after my full-time job, the income itself is not that big, when considering that now I have to “live off” it, but I think it’s a pretty impressive start to my freelancing career, given I had a separate 40-hour-work week!

Very excited to see where this all leads in the upcoming year and a half, as I try to “make back” my full-time salary from 2019 ($75,000) by 2021! (Arbitrary goal, but I seem to do much better when I’m working towards something.)


  1. David@ZeroDayFinance

    Congratulations on your full month of marriage and not having a job!

    My wife and I are in a similar boat, I’m paid semi-monthly and she is bi-weekly. I just take whatever personal capital says our NW is at the end of the last day of the month. It’s the most consistent way I’ve found to do it.

    Whatever you do, sticking to it helps consistency and after a few months the numbers will start to fit in like with your historical information.

  2. MillionaireBefore50

    Congratulations for quadrupling your net worth! Your income stream is very impressive considering that you’re self employed, have disability, and a good portion of the income is passive. Now I’m seriously considering creating training videos myself.

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