Monthly Update: June 2019

June 2019 Savings

Time for Zero’s monthly Net Worth and Savings update for June 2019!

Net Worth: $141,896.78

As mentioned in 2018 Recap post, I do my Net Worth calculations on the 20th of every month. This is so that all of my automatic transfers have cleared for the paychecks coming in on the 15th of every month.

June’s Net Worth was $141,896.78, which is +$7,969.20.

July 2019 Net Worth
Net Worth Change 7/2017 ~ 6/2019

Savings: $1,979.16

In June, I saved $1,979.16. And I made $1,979.16 in Side Hustle and Passive Income.

This brings my YTD Savings to $22,526.50.

Since I quit my job in June, I didn’t put in any money into 401k or savings from my paychecks so I can maximize my cash income to live off for the upcoming few months that I am remaining in New York.

So provided that, the fact that my savings was almost $2,000 is pretty impressive, because I brought in the whole amount from side hustles.

Side Hustle$1,932.28
Total Saved$1,979.16

Side Hustle Income: $1,979.16

In June, I had interest income, video course income, eBook income, dog sitting income, Amazon Affiliates income, and few other miscellaneous incomes.

Here’s a breakdown of my Passive and Active Income from Side Hustles. The Interest was already counted in the savings above, but it’s also included here because it’s part of my passive income.

My YTD income from Side Hustles is $8,356.25.

Passive Income


Active Income

Sitting (Baby/Dog)$25.00
User Research$0.00

Interest from my savings account went from $26.34 in January to $46.88 last month. It’s nice to see it go up by a dollar or 2 every month, especially when I consider I was getting like… 10 cents a month for it at my local bank!

Unfortunately, Marcus and Ally lowered their interest rate, so we might see a drop next month. We’ll see.

My 2nd course is live! Which means $1,000 in royalty advance!

The $2,000 royalty advance for my first course was officially paid off, so I got my first monthly passive income paycheck, which ended up being $561.25.

I’m set to fly out to record courses 3 and 4 next month, at which point in September or October I’ll receive $2,000 more royalty advance for those as well as the monthly paychecks from the 1st course, and perhaps even the 2nd course!

By the end of the year, I am hoping for around $750 x 4 (courses) = $3,000 a month in passive income from these courses.

YTD 2019

Savings Goal: $45,000

My 2019 Savings Goal was $40,000. Having reached over $11,000 in the first 2 months, and realizing that if I didn’t earn a single extra dollar from side hustles this year, I’d reach $40,000, I decided to up it to $45,000.

With June’s savings, I am 50% of the way there!

Net Worth Goal: $150,000

My 2019 Net Worth Goal is $150,000. With May’s Net Worth, I am 94.6% there!

Changes Coming

Because I got married last month, from this month on, my Net Worth will become our combined Net Worth (so don’t be surprised at the number for July’s round up).

I will also be writing about not monthly savings, but monthly income from my freelance work and passive income.

We haven’t been able to noodle out a concrete budget yet because we haven’t found a place to live and we have never lived together, so we don’t know what our lifestyle will be like. So until we figure that out, we can’t really make a good budget.

That being said, a few things will be happening:

  • Maxing out HSA (combined)
  • Maxing out 401k (for Mr. Z) and i401k (for me)
  • The freelance $$ will be going into my i401k until it hits $19,000 and then I’ll switch over to sending them into savings (likely a honeymoon fund)
  • Saving $1,000 a month in cash

It’s kind of weird going from saving $1,500 a month in cash and maxing out my HSA and 401k as a single income individual living in NYC to a married couple saving only $1,000 a month in cash, but we’re going to be living like a single income household while we go through our finances and figure out a good lifestyle and budget.

So once that’s all figured out (hopefully by the end of the year as we adjust to our new life), I hope to be able to save more and build up our net worth!

We want to make sure our quality of life is decent but also make sure we are saving and investing for the future, so we are excited to create a functional financial plan and life that lets us do that! 😊


  1. jp

    How exciting! One note: did you contribute anything to your 401k at your job before you quit? That amount will count towards your i401k 19,000 amount…just a heads up

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