Monthly Update: March 2019

Time for Zero’s monthly Net Worth and Savings update for March 2019!

Net Worth: $126,716.62

Updated 4/12: I realized my spreadsheet was spitting out the wrong numbers! Woops! I had initially wrote my March Net Worth was $124,715.36. It’s actually $126,716.62!

As mentioned in 2018 Recap post, I do my Net Worth calculations on the 20th of every month. This is so that all of my automatic transfers have cleared for the paychecks coming in on the 15th of every month.

March’s Net Worth was $126,716.62, which is +$6,191.55. There wasn’t much of a dramatic rise this month, especially since the only active side hustle I did was dog sitting twice. I think $300~$400 is probably going to be my average monthly income from side hustles until I start getting income from my video courses.

Net Worth Change 7/2017~3/2019

401k Not Updating

This month, I had a small bonus, which added $295.25 to my usual $1,575 a month of my 401k contributions. This means I’ve contributed $1,870.25 to 401k this month.

But for some reason, contributions for March still aren’t showing up on the portal. If the market doesn’t tank, that’ll mean my net worth would make a bit of a jump next month when the correct values are showing up! (Hopefully they’ve fixed it by then…)

Savings: $3,781.84

In January, I saved $3,781.84. And I made $411.59 in Side Hustle and Passive Income.

This brings my YTD Savings to $14,915.01.

Side Hustle$370.68
Total Saved$3,781.84

Side Hustle Income: $411.59

I think $350~400 per month is my “base” Side Hustle Income if I do the bare minimum. This included eBook sales, Interest (from high-interest savings accounts), Amazon affiliate (and other miscellaneous passive income) and 2 dog-sitting gigs. I’ve come to find that for the past few months, I’ve been getting $80~110/mo in Amazon Affiliates, which is a nice cushion of change!

Here’s a breakdown of my Passive and Active Income from Side Hustles. The Interest was already counted in the savings above, but it’s also included here because it’s part of my passive income.

My YTD income from Side Hustles is $5,409.02.

Passive Income


Active Income

Sitting (Baby/Dog)$50.00
User Research$0.00

My eBook sales is at $483 for 2019, which is great, because that’s complete passive income. January was $102.89, February was $144.22, and March was $221.92, so I’m hoping this trend continues!

My Interest income from my high-interest savings account has gone from $28.44 to $40.91 in the past month, which is great. Definitely beats the few pennies or nickels I was earning at my local bank!

I found out that the first week of my video course being live brought in $250 for my part of the pie. That’s pretty exciting! I’ll see mid-next month if what a month’s worth would look like. I have $2,000 in royalty advance that I have to “pay back” before I start seeing any of the paychecks though, so it’s a waiting game. In the meanwhile, I have 3 more to create and ship out in the next few months.

YTD 2019

Savings Goal: $45,000

My 2019 Savings Goal was $40,000. Having reached over $11,000 in the first 2 months, and realizing that if I didn’t earn a single extra dollar from side hustles this year, I’d reach $40,000, I decided to up it to $45,000.

With March’s savings, I am 33.1% of the way there!

Net Worth Goal: $150,000

My 2019 Net Worth Goal is $150,000. With March’s Net Worth, I am 84.5% there!


  1. Moriah Joy

    You’re crushing it right now! So proud! 😀 I love that you call “$4,190.29” not a dramatic rise, if I saw that much in one month my eyes might pop out of my head.

    1. Post

      Bahahaha well last month was kinda dramatic with like +$12k or something so this month seemed pretty lackluster in comparison!! LOL.

  2. Abigail

    Woot! Way to go! I’m jealous of your savings rate, and I guess I’ll just have to up my game to emulate it, eh?

    1. Post

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