Monthly Update: May 2019

May 2019 Savings

Time for Zero’s monthly Net Worth and Savings update for May 2019!

Net Worth: $133,927.58

As mentioned in 2018 Recap post, I do my Net Worth calculations on the 20th of every month. This is so that all of my automatic transfers have cleared for the paychecks coming in on the 15th of every month.

May’s Net Worth was $133,927.58, which is +$2,077.42.

May 2019 Net Worth
July 2017 ~ May 2019 Net Worth

Savings: $3,491.30

In May, I saved $3,491.30. And I made $416.30 in Side Hustle and Passive Income.

This brings my YTD Savings to $20,547.34.

The paycheck to savings returned to $1,500 after the $0 from last month (for buying a new Macbook Pro, which I’m using now to write this post!

I was gone for half of the month on a 2-week trip, so I’m pretty content with the fact that my side hustle income only went down by $150 this month compared to last month. Seems to me like this “passive” thing is working out pretty well! $50 of the drop was $50 in my dog sitting income, and $100 was mostly the fact that my eBook sales went down by around $80.

Once I came back from my trip, I was really not about this “corporate business,” so to make myself feel better (and keep myself from quitting tomorrow), I upped my 401k contribution from 25% of my salary to 30% to finish off the pay-in ASAP.

Side Hustle$370.75
Total Saved$3,491.30

Side Hustle Income: $416.30

In May, I had interest income, eBook income, dog sitting income, Amazon Affiliates income, and few other miscellaneous incomes.

Here’s a breakdown of my Passive and Active Income from Side Hustles. The Interest was already counted in the savings above, but it’s also included here because it’s part of my passive income.

My YTD income from Side Hustles is $6,377.09.

Passive Income


Active Income

Sitting (Baby/Dog)$75.00
User Research$0.00

Interest from my savings account went from $26.34 in January to $45.55 last month. It’s nice to see it go up by a dollar or 2 every month, especially when I consider I was getting like… 10 cents a month for it at my local bank!

I completed my 2nd course, and once we’re done with the edits, the production team will get it up and running (I’m assuming within the next month or two). Then I can start earning passive income from that to “pay back” my royalty advance so I can start earning real passive income after few months.

For my first course, I earned $796.03 in March, and $779.74 in April. My May numbers will come out around the 15th of this month. I’m still paying back my royalty advance of $2,000 for this course, so I haven’t gotten a paycheck yet. I’m at $1,825.45 in income, which means next month, I should get a paycheck!

YTD 2019

Savings Goal: $45,000

My 2019 Savings Goal was $40,000. Having reached over $11,000 in the first 2 months, and realizing that if I didn’t earn a single extra dollar from side hustles this year, I’d reach $40,000, I decided to up it to $45,000.

With May’s savings, I am 45.7% of the way there!

Net Worth Goal: $150,000

My 2019 Net Worth Goal is $150,000. With May’s Net Worth, I am 89.3% there!


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      Currently I put all of my cash savings into high interest savings accounts! Once my main one’s up to a certain value (maybe like $20~25k?), I’ll start going back to the stock market, I think! 🙂 And I also max out my Roth IRA at the beginning of each year, so it depletes a portion of my cash savings annually.

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