Monthly Spending: February 2019

Spending February 2019

The opposite of the Monthly Update of Saving and Earning is the Monthly Spending. Here’s what I spent in February, 2019. Goal spending for 2019 is $1,500/month.

February Spending: $1,234.31

February didn’t have any business trips, so what I have recorded is the amount I spent. I did a No Spend Work Week for the whole month, and kind of “went all out” on the weekends, but turns out my “going all out” wasn’t really all out.

So with that in mind, my spending vs goal for February was -$265.69. It also helps that there were only 28 days in February instead of 30 or 31 in other months.

Home: $891.58

Home includes Rent, Wifi, Electricity, and Laundry. I split my rent, wifi, and electricity with my roommate, which helps to keep the expenses here low. Laundry is a drop-off every few weeks where the laundromat does it for me and I pick up at the end of the day.

This is what I would consider my “core” living expenses. I basically need $900 a month to have the roof over my head and keep the lights on.

Not much to report here. It’s winter, and we don’t have to pay for heat, so electricity stayed pretty constant in the $60-ish range (which we would then split by half).

Subscriptions: $21.44

My monthly subscriptions are for Netflix (that I share with my boyfriend and sister), and the Gym. They are currently both around $11 a month, though I’ve heard that Netflix is going to up their prices soon.

I feel like this is already pretty bare-bones (I’ve only kept things I use or want to use often), and I’m pretty happy about my $11/month membership for a gym down the street, since NYC gym memberships can get REALLY pricey.

Food: $280.92

My Food portion consists of Groceries, Restaurants, and Cafes. I don’t drink alcohol, so Bars are never an issue. I only go to cafes and buy coffee on special occasions, and generally make my own or drink at the office.

This month, Groceries were $136.81, and Restaurants were $144.11. I was surprised to find that the groceries didn’t really go up from January, when I wasn’t home for a week. It was $115.89 in January.

I bought myself and my boyfriend little snack treats and coffee/tea cans from the Japanese grocery store when I went, but turns out it didn’t really make much of a difference.

I found that the Japanese grocery store in Manhattan is a lot cheaper than the one local to my apartment, so I’ve started getting some of my hotpot ingredients from there instead, which I think helps.

Olivia from Birds of a Fire taught me about a Chinese restaurant that sells 50 frozen dumplings for $12 in Manhattan Chinatown instead of $20 that I was buying in Flushing Chinatown, so that’s an automatic $8 I’m saving every time I buy my staple carb and protein source. Hah.

I budget for $300 a month for eating out, and $200 a month for Groceries, for total Food budget of $500 a month.

Miscellaneous: $40.37

The Miscellaneous portion consists of Traveling, Work Out Classes, Shopping, and general Miscellaneous expenses.

Traveling: $0.00

I didn’t go anywhere and didn’t have doctors’ appointments that I couldn’t just take the subway for, so no traveling costs. I go down to DC area once every few months, so that would be around $100 a trip.

Work Out Classes: $0.00

I went to the gym 14 days out of the 28 days in February, so didn’t need to go to classes. It’s been working out pretty well, and I don’t have to spend a cent.

I budgeted for $60 a month for work out classes (3 classes), but depending on how I go next month, I might just cut this out of my budget entirely if the Gym would suffice.

Shopping/Miscellaneous: $40.37

I had $29.50 in the Miscellaneous section because I had to get my phone’s charging port replaced, and that was the cost of the parts. There was also a Women Get Paid event for March that I signed up for to attend.

For “Shopping,” I bought the domain for this blog and SSL cert for total of $10.87 from Namecheap!

I budget out $50 for each portion every month for total of $100.

YTD Spending: $2,416.58

At goal of living on $1,500 a month, I have $18,000 in 2019 to spend.

With February’s spending, I am at 13.4% of the annual spend goal.

February, 2019

How was your February spending? Was it higher or lower than expected? Any goals for your spending? Do you use a budget or do you just kind of wing it?

You can check out my February Saving/Net Worth report HERE, and my post on how I live in NYC on $1,500 a month HERE!


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  2. Avery

    Newcomer to your blog! And am now a huge fan 🙂 I’m still in awe that you’re able to live on $1500/month in NYC seemingly without any struggle.

    I live in a HCOL city too (but definitely not as HCOL as NYC) and already struggle so much with staying on budget. $1500/month is so #goal.

    Congrats on your increasing net worth, it’s definitely well deserved! Can’t wait to binge read your older posts and continue following your journey!

    1. Post

      Hi Avery!! Thank you for coming by 😀 I’m a fairly low-upkeep person (other than medical bills) so it really helps in keeping my costs low! Hope you enjoy the content! I’m going to (finally) take a peek at your blog too! (I know… It’s already been a month… I’m so behind on everything. LOL.)

  3. Jules

    I’m with Avery, above. New to your blog and in total awe of how low you keep your living costs living in NYC. I was happy to keep my expenses at $2,500 in LA – you are GOALS!

    Glad I found your blog. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Post

      Hi Jules!! Thanks for coming by! 😀 $2,500 in LA isn’t bad at all! Especially if you have a car! (I’ve heard everyone needs a car…) One of the biggest cost-cutting benefit of living in NYC is being able to walk to most places or take a bus/train for $2.75! Really beats having to buy a car and maintenance/gas/parking/etc.!

      1. Jules

        Ooh, you’re right – hadn’t considered the transportation aspect. A car is a must, LA is soooo spread out and even in a car it can take an hour to go ten miles. It’s heinous!

        1. Post

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