Monthly Spending: January 2019

January 2019 Spending

The opposite of the Monthly Update of Saving and Earning is the Monthly Spending. Here’s what I spent in January, 2019. Goal spending for 2019 is $1,500/month.

January Spending: $1,182.27

Usually, I would say “Here’s Every Penny I spent in January!” but January was different in that I spent a few days on a business trip for my side hustle, where I racked up $1,471.35 in credit card bills. Thankfully, the expense report went through and I got that paid back mid-February. So those few days’ spending are not in this spending report.

So with that in mind, my spending vs goal for January was -$317.73. Not sure what I’m going to do with the money I don’t spend every month vs the goal ($1,500), but I think I’m going to just leave it in my checking account for the inevitable months that are going to go over $1,500.

Home: $880.49

Home includes Rent, Wifi, Electricity, and Laundry. I split my rent, wifi, and electricity with my roommate, which helps to keep the expenses here low. Laundry is a drop-off every few weeks where the laundromat does it for me and I pick up at the end of the day.

This is what I would consider my “core” living expenses. I basically need $900 a month to have the roof over my head and keep the lights on.

Subscriptions: $21.44

My monthly subscriptions are for Netflix (that I share with my boyfriend and sister), and the Gym. They are currently both around $11 a month, though I’ve heard that Netflix is going to up their prices soon.

I feel like this is already pretty bare-bones (I’ve only kept things I use or want to use often), and I’m pretty happy about my $11/month membership for a gym down the street, since NYC gym memberships can get REALLY pricey.

Food: $159.44

My Food portion consists of Groceries, Restaurants, and Cafes. I don’t drink alcohol, so Bars are never an issue. I only go to cafes and buy coffee on special occasions, and generally make my own or drink at the office.

This month, Groceries were $115.89, and Restaurants were $43.55. It seems like I just didn’t go out very much because I was exhausted from my trip, and got enough “eating out” cravings satisfied from the few days of expensed outings. I bought a lot of vegetables and frozen dumplings in January for my Hot Pot.

Restaurants are generally not this low, and I budget for $300 a month for eating out. Groceries are budgeted at $200 a month, for total Food budget of $500 a month.

Miscellaneous: $120.90

The Miscellaneous portion consists of Traveling, Work Out Classes, Shopping, and general Miscellaneous expenses.

Traveling: $80.90

These were Lyft rides (at $10 discounts each because of some deal?) for my doctors’ appointments, which I had a few of. So these were 4 rides to and from the hospital for my rheumatologist and neurologist appointments.

Work Out Classes: $40.00

I started taking Hip Hop classes, though I only went a few times before switching over to going to the gym because it’s down the street. I don’t know if I’ll go back to going to the classes or not, but it gave me the “jolt” I needed to start exercising again, so I wouldn’t mind either way.

I budgeted for $60 a month for work out classes (3 classes).

These classes are $20 each for an hour and a half, and quite challenging and fun! If you’re in NYC and interested in a drop-in style (super low commitment) and affordable dance classes, I highly recommend checking out EXPG! (They have a studio in LA too.)

Shopping/Miscellaneous: $0.00

I didn’t buy anything or have miscellaneous expenses. I budget out $50 for each portion every month for total of $100.

YTD Spending: $1,182.27

At goal of living on $1,500 a month, I have $18,000 in 2019 to spend.

With January’s spending, I am at 6.6% of the annual spend goal.

January, 2019

How was your January spending? Was it higher or lower than expected? Any goals for your spending? Do you use a budget or do you just kind of wing it?

I’m a “wing it” kind of person, but I figured even if just for 2019, it’ll be fun to track everything I spend money on!

You can check out my January Saving/Net Worth report HERE, and my post on how I live in NYC on $1,500 a month HERE!


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      That’s a great way to go! I generally try to have at least $2,000 in my checking for when my credit cards statements come in/when I pay my rent… Especially because my roommate pays me back for rent, so that’s $1,700 right there that might go from my account on one day if some balance sheet jenga didn’t go correctly. But Since I auto-transfer 1/2 of my pay into savings automatically, I find myself rarely having that much in my checkings! LOL. I DO move my side hustle income into my savings though, which helps to make sure I don’t “accidentally” spend that! 🙂

  1. Financial Impulse (@financeimpulse)

    Wow, that $11 gym membership! I’m so jealous. Also it’s amazing that your miscellaneous categories includes so many different types of expenses (e.g., traveling, shopping, workout classes) and yet is such a reasonable amount. You’re starting off so strong for your $1,500/month goal!

    1. Post

      It’s pretty bare bones (though they just recently got a few rowing machines, and I heard they’re great for you!), but for my needs, it’s perfect! And if I’m ever motivated enough, they have free group lessons every day on various topics. Haha. I just in general don’t have many expenses outside for housing and food, so I can keep those pretty small until I need it… But on the one-off chance I do spend quite a bit of $$ (like a 2 week trip to Paris I took last fall), I have plenty of money to fall back on! 😀

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