Freelance Income: November 2019

Time for Zero’s monthly Freelance Income update for November 2019!

Yes, I know. It’s basically 2020. It’s been a wild month, and I’ve been slacking! Whoops! I’m probably going to do a 2019 in recap post, but honestly, if I am so baffled by how I’m… Here… and a year ago, I had no intention of being where I am today.

I was looking at my January 1st Net Worth starting from 2018, and from 2018 to 2019, it went up by around $21k, and between 2019 and 2020, it went up almost $70k. Wild! Not to mention, I finally took the leap and quit my corporate job to go full freelance. While I don’t make much yet, I’m hoping that 2020 will be the year things will start figuring themselves out!

YTD Freelance Income By Month

Side Hustle income 2019

Freelance Income: $4,322.58

November was almost my highest income month, with February being the other mid-$4,000’s income month. Other months don’t come close, and as usual, it’s because of my video courses and getting my royalty advances from the new contracts.

Video Courses$4,032.70
Amazon Affiliates$114.76
Course Affiliate$25.00
Online Shop$47.60
Baby/Dog Sitting$0.00


Though, as exciting as these random bleps in the income graphs are, it doesn’t even come close to what I made just showing up to work every day, so that’s definitely something to ponder.

Also, my income is way too reliant on my video courses… So I’d like to figure out a way to get something else that’s consistently well-performing month to month… Preferably in the Passive Income field.


I have to consider my eBook “dead.” It’s still nice to get some extra few Five Guys orders from it, but it’s nothing like what it was the past year. So I have to figure out what next book to write to reignite the fire!

Video Courses

The October payout was $1,032.70 for the courses, and then the extra $3,000 was from a few new contracts. It’s a definite boost from September, and November’s numbers were a tiny bit lower, but not much lower, so I’m glad it’s taking a course for better. Hopefully, with the publicizing I’m doing and organizations, it’ll be higher still for December!

I’ve hit almost $15,000 in income from my video courses in the past year!

If you want to check them out, you can check find them here: 😊

Course Affiliate

Not much to say. I guess 2 people signed up through my link. But honestly, that’s $25 more than what I would have gotten otherwise, so it’s fine. Overall, in the past few months I’ve earned $150 from peddling my own courses. Lol.


I currently have 2 monthly supporters for my podcast. And make around $10/month. The ads aren’t doing much, because my listenership is pretty low, but hey. I can buy a burger with fries every month, I guess!

Amazon Affiliate

I’ve hit $1,000 payout from Amazon Affiliates last month for 2019! In 2020 I need to become more creative with how I use it so I can get it up to more in the $200 area as opposed to $100.

But honestly, I can’t really complain because it’s 100% passive income.

MonthAmazon Affiliate
YTD Total$1,167.82

Online Shop

So I have a Shopify and Etsy shop now (I’ll probably write about the logistics/fees/costs associated later). And I spent a little while trying to figure out if I want to do Net or Gross for the income. But in the end, I decided on Net, as that’s what’s coming into my pocket. Even after that, there are Shopify monthly subscriptions, Etsy listing fees, etc. etc.

But for now, I’m putting in the Gross Income – Store Fee – Shipping – Production Fee (if Dropshipping) = Net Income.

Even though the Gross Income seems like a lot, when it becomes Net, it’s pretty sad values. It’s definitely a volumes game! Hoping to get in on the holiday shopping this quarter, though!


I’m in the process of getting a new consistent writing gig. Not sure if it’s the right fit yet, but if it is, it’ll mean an extra few hundred a month AND consistent work… So that’ll be nice!

YTD Total: $20,452.37

My 2019 Freelance Income Goal of $20,000 has been reached! Honestly, a year ago, I would have never thought I’d be earning $20k on the side in a year… So it’s pretty baffling.

Next year, I want to increase the passive income and try to be smarter about how and when I work!

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