Freelance Income: October 2019

Freelance Income for October 2019

Time for Zero’s monthly Freelance Income update for October 2019!

We’ve completed month one of Q4… And I’m a little nervous if I’m going to hit my goal for 2019 of $20,000 in freelance income. But I guess only time will tell! This month was a pretty “slow” month in terms of income, maybe because people aren’t buying as much, or maybe because I’ve been focusing on my health more.


So I FINALLY managed to open my i401k account, and fully fund it (- amount I’d already funded in my 401k from my previous company). I’m pretty excited about that, as this is my first year of maxing out my 401k!

From now on, the “least” I want to do every year is to fully fund my i401k and Roth IRA, which is putting away around $25,000. Since Roth IRA is post-tax, it’ll mean I’ll have to really start earning some dough starting next year to make it happen!

And without further ado…

YTD Freelance Income By Month

2019 Side Hustle

Freelance Income: $1,384.63

Breaking down the freelance income for October! This month was… “Eh. Ok.” for me. I’m hoping to start at a stable $1,500/month for 2020. To do that I think I need to start increasing my passive income sources somehow!

I actually added in a new source this month: an Online Shop. It’s still in fledgeling stages as I’m learning about eCommerce and setting it up, but I hope it’ll help provide some more stable passive income in the upcoming months (especially as the holiday seasons approach).

Video Courses$628.94
Amazon Affiliates$143.36
Course Affiliate$50.00
Online Shop$24.05
Baby/Dog Sitting$0.00


My eBook sales and video course revenues have honestly been pretty disappointing this month. They aren’t as stable as I’d like them to be, which probably means I need to start moving along and finding more avenues/products to create and market.


This month’s eBook sales was pretty disappointing! It was the lowest this year, but at the same time, I acknowledge that it’s been a year now since I published it. And even though it’s 100% passive income because I haven’t updated it since my publication a year ago, I’ve made $1,640 on it this year. So all in all, it wasn’t a bad gig at all!

Video Courses

Video courses were quite disappointing again. Every month, the revenue goes down, though I feel like it’s also symbolic of when in the year people gear up to learn new things or crack into new topics.

Even though the monthly revenue is disappointing, once I can get the $2,000 royalty advance paid off for each course, I’m hoping to make around $1,000 a month from them. I’m beginning my work in updating and improving them, at which point they will be packaged as a more attractive “exam prep” bundle, so I hope that’ll rejuvenate it next year.

This is a far cry from my expectations from spring of 2019 when I was hoping that each course would break $500~750/month. If that were the case, I would have easily cleared $2,000~3,000/month on just my courses. Which would have been amazing. But alas. Reality check! Not as lucrative as I had hoped! (It really doesn’t help that I only get 10% of the revenue from these courses…)

And I’ve been griping about them for the past few months, but in reality, they’ve paid me $10,500 in 2019, so it’s really holding up majority of my freelance income. Month to month, it’s not really inspiring much joy, but in the grand scheme of things, they’ve made it possible for me to feel comfortable quitting my full-time job.

If you want to check them out, you can check find them here: 😊

Course Affiliate

I can’t say the course affiliates (I get money for referring people to my own courses… lol… A LOT more money for each person referred than if they had just organically taken my course; which I find to be a little annoying) are doing that well. But it’s a good extra few bucks here and there. I have a total of $112.50 sitting in my account, waiting for pay day in the upcoming few months.


I currently have 2 monthly supporters for my podcast. And make around $11/month. So far, I have $28.09 sitting in my account. I’m a cheapstake so I’m trying to figure out when there’s enough in my account to justify the 25 cents withdrawal fee. LOL.

Amazon Affiliate

I’ve hit $1,000 payout from Amazon Affiliates this month for 2019! A milestone! Not much to say about it, except I should probably try to find ways to increase this a little more.

MonthAmazon Affiliate
YTD Total$1,053.06

Online Shop

So I have a Shopify and Etsy shop now (I’ll probably write about the logistics/fees/costs associated later). And I spent a little while trying to figure out if I want to do Net or Gross for the income. But in the end, I decided on Net, as that’s what’s coming into my pocket. Even after that, there are Shopify monthly subscriptions, Etsy listing fees, etc. etc.

But for now, I’m putting in the Gross Income – Store Fee – Shipping – Production Fee (if Dropshipping) = Net Income.

Even though the Gross Income seems like a lot, when it becomes Net, it’s pretty sad values. It’s definitely a volumes game! Hoping to get in on the holiday shopping this quarter, though!


I got paid for a blog article from a new client! I have another article in the talks with my first client for next month, so hopefully that’ll mean another payout. Writing is one of those things where if I take on more and more, I’ll get paid more and more. But at the same time, it’s pretty time and energy intensive, so I have to manage my stress levels and to-do lists.

For the two weeks or so, I’ve been enjoying not having too many client to-do’s, and instead, working on my own stuff.

YTD Total: $16,129.79

So as you might recall, my 2019 Freelance Income goal is $20,000. I basically have to make $1,925/month for the next 2 months to make it. At the rate I’m going, it’s a little questionable if it’s going to happen. But one can hope!


I’m trying to figure out if I can consider myself BaristaFI from income alone at this point. I think I mentioned before that since our marriage, my husband and I function as a “one income household,” living off his income alone. Had I continued working corporate, I think we would have lived off my income alone (he has the larger income) and saved all of his income. As it stands, my current income is no where close to my corporate income, so we are living off his income, and saving mine. From a purely income to expense standpoint, I can consider myself BaristaFI if I made about $1,500/mo + Taxes. Considering tax rates as around 30% (guesstimation), I would need to make around $2200~2200/mo pre-tax to be considered BaristaFI.

So I guess conclusion is that my income (passive and active) are still a little too unstable to officially consider myself BaristaFI. I was hoping I’d be there by end of the year, but I’m not too sure now! But then again, listening to podcasts/YouTube videos of founders and freelancers and entrepreneurs, I get the sense that it takes 2~3 years before their self-employment nets enough to live off and thrive on… So I’m going to just keep on plugging along!

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