Freelance Income: September 2019

September Freelance Income

Time for Zero’s monthly Freelance Income update for September 2019!

This month I got a bit of money from 2 of my online courses going… Well… online. So the income is higher than usual.

The year is coming to an end, as we’re entering Q4 of 2019… And my Freelance Income goal for the year is $20,000. We’ll see if we’ll hit this!

YTD Freelance Income By Month


Freelance Income: $3,137.17

Let’s break down my $3,000 freelance income! This is the second highest income month for 2019, with my best month being February, with $4,585.91.

Video Courses$2,692.63
Amazon Affiliates$179.89
Course Affiliate$50.00
Baby/Dog Sitting$0.00


As usual, the reason for the spike in income is from my online courses. I get royalty advances twice during a course creation process: first when I sign my contract, and second when the course goes up. This month, 2 of my courses went up, so I got the second half of my royalty advance for the 2 courses.


I still haven’t figured out what the next eBook to publish will be, but I DID hit my $1,500 in profit for my eBook sales for 2019! We are sitting at $1,560.00 for eBook income, net (after Paypal fees). That’s pretty cool!

It did ok this month, at around $160. If every month can be at $150+, I’d be one happy duck!

Video Courses

The video course income, other than the royalty advances kicking in, was honestly very underwhelming and disappointing for last month. I made $692.63 on my first course, and just $89.61 on my second course. Lowest ever! I’m hoping that with the 3rd and 4th courses kicking in now, it’ll lead to better outcomes… And I’m trying to come up with better ways to market the series!

I’ll be flying out again in January to re-record some courses and to add content to all of them, which means I’ll have to devote another month or two to redoing the courses. With 4~6 weeks of caregiving coming up soon with my mom, this might be difficult, but we’ll see.

I’ve been working on creating landing pages and just in general more coherent set up for showcasing all of my courses and resources so that people can easily find them in one place instead of having to bounce around multiple websites… or not even knowing they exist.

If you want to check it out, the brand new landing page is here: 😊

Course Affiliate

The portal for this thing is hard to read, but I think I’m getting a little better hang of it. It seems like it won’t pay out for 90 days after it “locks,” so chances are, I’m not looking at a paycheck until November! Dang.

In total, I have $62.50 sitting there, and I hope it’ll go up in the upcoming months, especially with me getting more coherent with how I publicize my courses.


I got my second podcast monthly supporter! It’s pretty cool! So now, my monthly supporter income is something like $8~9 total (it’s $4.99/person, but Anchor takes fees), and I also get advertising $$ from the episodes.

The advertising nets me a buck or two a month at this point, which is pretty sad amount, but I really enjoy getting like, a cent or two a day. LOL. Hopefully this will keep on going up as I publish more consistently, and more people listen!

Amazon Affiliate

I am SO close to hitting the $1,000 mark in payout from Amazon Affiliates for 2019, and it’s super cool to see passive income at work like this! (I’ve already hit it, but Amazon Affiliates takes 2 months, I think, to pay out.)

MonthAmazon Affiliate
YTD Total$912.70


No new writing gigs this month! I spent the month writing for the gig I was paid to do in August (they paid upfront! imagine that!), and I have a piece to do in October that should net me a nice sum if they pay in a timely fashion. So pretty excited about that.

YTD Total: $14,745.16

So as you might recall, my 2019 Freelance Income goal is $20,000. I basically have to make around $1,700/month for the next 3 months to make it. I hope I’ll hit it!

Now that I’m a full-time freelancer, I have to figure out what my goal is for 2020 in terms of income. I know starting out can be a bit slow, and thankfully I’m in a situation where the money I bring in will not be making or breaking our budget, but it would be great if I could at least make the 401k max (I’d imagine $19,000~19,500), Roth IRA max (I’d imagine $6,000~6,500)… And if I’m being really greedy, maybe some of that honeymoon budget for our honeymoon in fall, 2020 to Asia (we’re hoping to take 3~4 weeks vacation).

From where I stand now, it seems like it’s kind of out of my league to make $30,000~$40,000, but if I could make over $10,000 in half a year with a full-time job and full-time medical condition, I feel like I should be able to break that $30,000 mark next year as a full-time freelancer! Who knows, but I’m going to just keep on puttering along! 😃

By the way, I shared this graph on Instagram the other day. The point where I left of is when I left corporate!

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