Advice From a Hustler to a Newbie Hustler

How to Start a Side Hustle

“What are your side hustles, and how do you make so much money from them?” I get this question a lot.

It’s one of the reasons why I began this blog – so I can refer people to specific posts instead of answering the same questions over and over again.

It’s a valid question. I’d have wondered the same thing. Honestly, a year ago, I would never have imagined that I’d be making close to $1,000 a month in side hustles, much less in PASSIVE INCOME.

That’s right; I now make close to $1,000 a month in passive income. And it’s projected to almost triple by end of year, if all goes to plan.

I Quit my $75,000/yr Job Last Week

The rapid growth of my side hustles and income allowed me to make my recent leap into BaristaFI – working part time on contract work and quitting my full-time job.


I’m honestly still baffled by it… My “side hustles” have now become my “main hustles,” and by the end of the year, I am hoping to be making about $3,000 a month from my main contract work in passive income, and another $200~300 a month from various other small sources like savings interest, affiliates, and eBook sales.

While I don’t make anything as close to what I was making from my $75,000 a year job… YET, I finally have the time, flexibility, and resources to hopefully grow my businesses and projects.

My goal is to get back to my corporate income by end of 2021. We’ll see how that goes! 😊

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What’s in a Side Hustle?

I began “hustling” before I even knew what a “side hustle” was. As a matter of fact, my first “side hustle” was babysitting 20 hours a week for $15 an hour to pay my bills as I looked for the “main hustle” in NYC. (Hah – a side hustle without a main hustle!)

And thankfully, I found the “main hustle” after a half year, but even then, my income was too low to live on, so I upped my hustling. I quickly added tutoring to the mix, and began tutoring 3 nights a week at $50/hr, at one point bringing in $1,000 a month in tutoring.

Since then, I’ve done almost everything from dog sitting, baby sitting, clicking ads, doing surveys, attending user interviews, and answering IT questions online for Microsoft. I’ve written for online publications, made video courses, wrote an eBook, and participated in affiliate programs. I’ve been making crafts and selling online for almost a decade.

Some worked out, others didn’t, and most were quite frankly a waste of time. There were some things I wish someone could just me walk me through so I can get set up and ready to go. But unfortunately, most things I ended up doing, I had to figure out from start to end myself, and that takes a lot of time and resources to do.

Instead of going through a dozen different affiliate programs before I decided to stick with one, I could’ve just landed on the one that works if I had guidance. Instead of trying out half a dozen different Gig Economy websites that quite frankly take up a lot of your time but don’t earn you much money, I could’ve just gone straight to working as a consultant directly with people.

And I’ve been blogging since I was in middle school. But I only recently realized people can actually make REALLY GOOD MONEY blogging… I still haven’t figured this one out 😆

Won’t Someone Tell Me What to Do?

In all, if I had the opportunity to find resources that could tell me how to get started with side hustles and set me up for success… I would’ve taken it up in a heartbeat. But there are so many courses and blogs floating around that promise the world to us… But I couldn’t really say any of them would REALLY help me.

After all, what’s the point of watching a video course about a star blogger who makes $10,000 a month blogging if…. $9,500 of that revenue came from the course I just purchased for $500?

So I’ve always been a bit weary of online courses and people peddling their courses and resources to me.

But then I came across this one:

Gold City Ventures Blogging Course

J of Millennial Boss and I have been following each other on Twitter for a long time. J went from $89k in debt to having net worth of $200k by 27, with help of her side hustles which includes her blog. You might know her as the co-host of the super popular Fire Drill Podcast!

When I was approached about doing an affiliate program for this course, I was initially a little skeptical – not about the course (I was sure it was great quality, as both J and Cody are huge hustlers), but because I wasn’t sure if my blog was ready for something like this, or if it’s what my audience here was looking for.

But once I went through the course materials, I realized that this was the kind of course and resources that I wish I had encountered before I started dabbling in dozens of (mostly failing 😂 ) side hustle opportunities.

The Blogging Course has multiple parts catered to starting a blog FROM SCRATCH to how to start building a profitable business on Etsy (which can then be generalized to many other online selling platforms), to the “Freelancing Toolkit” that will help you utilize different side hustle platforms to make money, or teach you how to break into freelance writing, graphic design, or audio editing.

Get Started With Freelancing:

  • Blogging for Profit: Step by step instructions on how to start your very own blog, how to optimize it for SEO, how to have a successful blog, AND if you choose to, how to monetize your blog and run it like a business
  • Start Your Etsy Store: Learn how to start a profitable Etsy Store
  • Freelancing Toolkit: Intro to freelancing, different websites to find work, and how to break into freelance writing, graphic design, audio editing

Even though I’ve been writing and running blogs for years, I’ve never figured out how to efficiently monetize or run it like a business, so reading through the syllabus for “Blogging for Profit” made me pretty excited.

If you’re like me, and want clear step-by-step instructions on how to create successful businesses, I recommend that you check them out.

It would’ve definitely saved ME a lot of time, resources, and curse words to have had successful hustlers like J and Cody leading me by the hand.

I’m assuming there is quite a few of you who read my blog for tips and tricks on starting out on your own side hustles… And maybe make the leap that I just made yourself. And I think these courses would be useful stepping stones to starting your own “thing” to bring you that financial stability to have options.

Now excuse me… As I try to figure out how to start running my blog like a business… 😭


  1. Tread Lightly, Retire Early

    I love the back story and I’ve loved watching you grow your hustles. It’s so awesome they’ve gotten to a point where you were able to leave a job you no longer enjoyed. And I 100% agree about your comments regarding the course – it is so dang good and it is for anyone looking to up their blog skills.

  2. Jason Butler (@Money_Chronicle)

    Solid post here. I’ve done several side hustles over the last 4 years trying to figure out which ones stick. I’ve had $1800 months and I’ve also had $300 months. Things have been on the up for the last six months though. I hope to get to the point where I can quit my job and live off those funds.

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