Week 1 Post-Corporate| BaristaFIRE Log 8 (6/26/19)

BaristaFIRE Log

I just finished my first work week post-corporate. And yes- it’s Wednesday!

I just finished my quota for the week, so even though it’s Wednesday, it’s weekend for me.

I got a haircut an hour ago.

I’ll be getting married tomorrow morning. I can’t wait for all of the family drama to be over.

One thing I noticed after a day or 2 of self-employment is the fact that working full time, 8 hours a day for a company is VERY different from working for yourself for 8 hours a day for me.

When I was working 8 hours a day as an employee, my day was split between socializing/internet surfing/work the past half year. I was always able to put in breaks in between so I don’t get too worn out (at least at this current position; the previous position, I didn’t have as much time to do anything except work).

When I’m working for myself, however, the amount of work and intensity of work I am doing every hour is SUPER HIGH. Which means that it’s basically impossible to expect myself to be working for 8 hours a day because it’s too exhausting. However, 3 or 4 hours of focused work produces A LOT MORE than what 8 hours at corporate used to.

So in reality, I could just work mornings if I get up early enough, and take every afternoon off and get just as much done.

This was quite a discovery for me, especially because I would like to incorporate a lot more exercising and rest time into my life.

Also, I’m down at my fiance’s house this week, and since he’s going to work, I’m getting up when he gets up, which is between 6:30 and 7:30. This means that once he leaves, I can start working, starting at 7:30 or 8.

There is a lot more flexibility than I’m used to in building up my work days, and I’m really excited to figure out what “works” for me as I test out many different ways of working!

Now that I’m getting married, I think next topic will be figuring out how to budget and save as a married couple with combined assets. Onwards to a very different way of spending and saving money!


  1. Moriah Joy

    I’m so excited for this change in your life! Both the freelancing AND the marriage. Sounds like you’re really crafting a good spot to be in, and low key, I’m jelly. Haha. Happy marriage day. Hope the family drama slows down soon.

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